Thursday, October 22, 2020

Home School Heather

What a crazy night.  We went to beautiful birthday dinner for my mom.  At the same time, the Eagles were playing the Giants, the Presidential Debate was going on and the Council Rock School Board was voting whether or not to go back to five days.  My head is spinning!

Here's a pretty random post to end the week.  I thought a few of these memes were funny.  

So this was a nice surprise.  Apparently Ariel wrote a letter to the principal to check in on him.  You can hopefully read his response below.  What a sweetie we are raising!
Rachel came over last Friday night to work on some cheer.

This was good news for Aden.  Grandma's Grotto is back!
I played a Cat in the Hat game with Eli.  

The new normal.  Lots of masks to clean.  
Ariel went to Alex's house to play and she taught Alex and Jake some cheer moves.  

Have a great weekend!


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