Sunday, October 10, 2021

Aden's Bar Mitzvah - Service and Cocktails

It's Sunday night.  We finally had a pretty quiet weekend.  There are some huge posts coming up.  This one will cover the day of Aden's Bar Mitzvah, the service and the cocktail hour before the party.  

Last Saturday was an absolutely amazing day.  Much better than we could have imagined.  We got an early start.  Amy took Aden and Ariel for haircuts then Amy and Ariel got their nails done.  We didn't have to be at the synagogue until 3:30 so I had the job of keeping the twins busy all day!  Thankfully Kylie came to help.  We took the boys to Gaspers to make a scarecrow.  
Such a fun place.  

Might not been the best idea to be playing with straw with my allergies!

They did a great job!
We put it on the porch where it scared us over the next few days whenever we forgot about it.  
We got dressed and took a picture at the sign Amy got for Aden.  
Now I'm going to mix in some of the preview shots we got from the photographer. (the rest of the pictures are mine and ones that other people gave me) There's our handsome Bar Mitzvah boy!
Now don't be confused about the dresses.  The all black dress is Amy's service dress.  The one with the gold was for the party.  Also, Ariel had a black dress for the service and a blue dress for the party.  

We went inside and Aden tried to hide in a corner to get in some last minute studying but we didn't let him.  We just tried to help him relax.  

Some more pictures inside.  Again, some of these are a preview of the official pictures.  We have only seen a handful.  

Those professional pics were from earlier in the week.  Before the service, we did some extended family shots.  Love this one.  Can't wait to see the ones from the photographer.  
Amy's parents.  
My parents.  

Melissa and Mark.

Ready to get going!
The service was broadcast online.  These are some screenshots that people sent us.  
Aden did a great job!  He lead almost the entire service.  You could tell he was nervous but he was calm and spoke loudly and slowly.

It was very emotional for all of us. 
Time to read Torah.  Aden read the story of Noah and ark.  
I saw this and thought it was funny.  
I think he was most nervous about reading the torah and he had a few moments where he had to stop and catch his breath and relocate his position but he did great!
Great job Aden!
We had a pretty good turnout for the service.  

My high school buddies.  
We gave popcorn to everyone for the ride to the party.  The girls and Aden had to change so we ended up being the last ones to leave!
And we were then the last ones to arrive at Southampton Summer Day Camp for the party.  
Here are some pictures from the cocktail hour.  The adults were outside and the kids were under the pavilion.  We lucked out with the weather.  It was a beautiful day.  Close to 80 but no humidity.  It cooled down at night but never got cold.  

I'm guessing the photographer will have better shots of everyone.  

Ariel and Amanda.  

I took off my tie and switched to my party sneakers!

I went to check out the room.  We kept the party small.  Under 100 people.  Mostly just Aden's friends and family.  We were worried about Covid.  We also had the whole party outside.  Amy and the party planner did most of the work and even Amy didn't know the extent of the decorations.  The party planner kept a lot of them a surprise.  The theme was sci fi and horror!  That's not something you see every day!  

The kids were in the pavilion playing games with the dj.  

Shelly, the party planner, made signs for the food.  

Then I went to see the amazing center pieces that Shelly made.  This one from Stranger Things included a Lego set of Aden's.
Aden made the dragons for Game of Thrones.
Guardians of the Galaxy.
Star Trek
The Martian
I believe this was Men in Black.
Star Wars.  Aden made the R2D2.
Harry Potter.  
Marvel.  There were others.  
The place settings.  
Stay tuned for the party!


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