Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Will and Emily Looking Good!

Here's your Thursday post.  Last Tuesday, some of the people who we sent bar mitzvah packages started to receive them.  Will and Emily were excited to get the popcorn and sweatshirts.  
They even modeled the sweatshirts for us.  Looking great guys!
There is Ben the turkey.  Yes, he has been named.  There are Ben the Turkey crossing signs up!
Eli got back to decorating for Halloween.  
He loves this time of year!
Last Wednesday, the twins found a nerf gun we had hidden.  Quickly there were nerf bullets all over the house.  
I put together some storage we needed in the dining room.  
Eli added to his Halloween collection.  
Last Thursday, Dani came for cheer.  
Ariel has been struggling a bit with her confidence so we worked on that.  
Great hand stand!

By the end, she was feeling much better.  
Like Mommy's heals?
Soccer time!
The boys actually tried.  

Of course we had to hit the playground on the way out.  


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