Sunday, October 3, 2021

Cheer Competition 2021

It's the Sunday night of Aden's Bar Mitzvah weekend!  Woo hoo!  Thankfully it went well and Aden did great and had a great time.  Much more on that later.  Last Saturday, it was Ariel's day.  Her big cheer competition.  I took her up to North Penn High School.  
Coach Nicole worked on her hair.  
She messed around with the girls but she was actually pretty nervous.  

Me and my girlie!
It's Ariel on a stick!

Last minute pep talk from coach Lynde.  
It was pretty crowded, which was not great.
Here they come!  Lynde doesn't want us to post the routine until later so here are some pictures!

They did great!
Time to wait for the results.  

They came in second!  That means they are moving on to the next competition!
Some group shots.  

Meanwhile, Amy took the twins apple picking.  
I took Ariel to meet the cheer team at the Richboro Pub.  

Someone was having a good time but we had to go home because Melissa was coming for dinner.  
Aden was headed out to his friend's bar mitzvah.  
We had dinner and hung out.
Right Honey?

We also watched Sam's Bar Mitzvah down in Atlanta.  He did a great job!
Dave and Julia went to a bar mitzvah and ran into Ariel's friend Kylie.  Small world.  


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