Tuesday, October 12, 2021

From Cake to Wedding

Tonight was fun.  Pat the teacher was back for the first time in a year and a half.  I had a guitar lesson and Noah started the piano!  He did great!  Me not so much.  I'm trying to play a Metallica song.  Here's a post from last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  

Last Sunday, I woke up to a piece of leftover cake.  OMG it's even better the next day!  
I took apart our tv.  I had a new part coming the next day and I wanted to get it ready.  Yes me, who can't even change a lightbulb is attempting to fix a tv!
Our triplets.  
So we were coming off the high of the bar mitzvah.  Then Sunday afternoon, we had a funeral for our friend Michelle's dad.  We went right from the funeral to a wedding!  If only we had a bris we would have hit all the life cycle events.  The wedding was for the son of a guy I work with.  
They lucked out like we did with the beautiful weather.  
Cocktail hour.  
The sitter sent us these pics of the kids.  

I wouldn't send Ariel a smoothie so she tried to make one herself.  
Back to the wedding.  

Me with the lovely mother of the groom.  
We didn't last too long.  We were so tired from the whole weekend.  We did look good though!
Monday morning Gwen, the neighbors and possibly other countless kids wore their bar mitzvah swag to school!

I got to work on the tv. I got the new part in and the tv turned on but quickly turned off. Turns out this part was a tiny but different then the old one. Bummer. 
Ariel getting to see some of Lanie’s pets. 

I’m guessing Tuesday was a quiet day. 

The last of the cake. So sad. 


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