Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Ariel Cheering the High School Boys

Last Wednesday, Ariel brought her pad to cheer practice.  

Counting coins for school.  

Last Thursday was a busy day.  I went to Margate to check on the house.  The scooter started right up, thankfully, so I took it for a short ride.  
I had to check out the beach.  It was so nice out.  

I had a lot of work to do around the house.  
I got the garage ready to store all the outside furniture.  
The spa looked good even though no one had taken care of it since Labor Day.  
Of course I had to jump in.  My reward for all the cleaning.  

I headed home because we had a big night.  
I took Ariel and Alex to the Council Rock South football game.  All the local cheerleaders were invited.  
We ran into our friends who have a 3 week old daughter!
The girls had fun before the game.  
Our cheer princess.  

They all got to run on the field.  
Then we sat down to watch the game as well as Dani and the rest of the cheerleaders.  

Generally no one is allowed on the field besides the players and cheerleaders but Dani grabbed Ariel and Alex and brought them out.  
Ariel was so happy.  
Ariel knows a lot of the cheers so she helped Dani lead a few of them!

Such a sweet girl.  She always takes care of Ariel.  

No there are some extensions.  
Thanks for the fun night girls.  


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