Monday, October 11, 2021

The Bar Mitzvah Party

Here we go!  The party!  These are a mix of my pictures and ones given to me by other people.  We haven't received the pictures from the photographer yet.  
We started dancing right away.
Everyone out there!  The dj and emcee were great.  
There's the awesome cake.  All bloody and with the red balloon from It!

Pretty sisters ready to dance!
Even prettier cousins!
Hora time!

Aden up in the chair!

Amy's turn.
Ariel was so excited to go up!
Even Noah went but not Eli.  
Then it was my turn.  
The grandads did the prayers over the bread and wine.
Let's dance!
Aden was a little hesitant about the party.
But he got into it!
Ariel had cute sneakers too.  Hopefully we have a good picture somewhere.  

My dad arranged a special treat for Aden.  
Aden loves Queen.  A dance troupe came in during the party and did some crazy dance moves to Queen songs.  
Aden lit 3 candles to signify the past, present and future.  

Then he blew them out!
Then I gave my speech.  I'm not going to post it but if you ask, I will send you a copy!  
I think I did ok.  I definitely gave my views on Aden!
Dinner time.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  
Here are some pics of people.  Cousin Jonah.  
Ashley and Eva with Ariel.  
Jason and I.  
Ali and Amy.  

Mother son dance!
He left her to go dance with Lanie!
Then it was time for my photo montage.  It was a long 13 years in the making.  Aden usually does not like pictures of himself so I kept it short.  He liked it so much, he wished it was longer!I may or may not post it but again you can ask me for a copy!
We had a photobooth set up.  All the cousin took some pics.  I'm going to post all the pics that people took another time.  

Hey Gwen!

Everyone was excited to see Bev!
The kids played some games.  

Jason and family.  
We gave out sweatshirts with the red balloon from It on them.

This was late at night.  After everyone left.  Ariel would not stop dancing.  

She's got some moves!

What a night!


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