Monday, September 11, 2023

Annual Picture

It's Monday night and we are watching football.  So crazy that Aaron Rodgers went down in the first drive.  Those poor Jets fans.  

Last Sunday we were still at the shore.  Crazy to think now that the kids have been in school for over a week.  I woke up with someone else on my pillow and it wasn't my wife.  
Honey takes over when she stays with us.  
Both sets of twins were up early.  
Aden was the first one to ever sleep on the pull out sofa.  
Hot Bagels was happening.  
Howie bonded with Honey.  She barked at him the whole first day.  
We had breakfast then headed to the beach.  
More digging.  

We took our annual group shot.  The lifeguard boat wasn't out there for some reason.  

I got to chill a little.  
Aden threw a football with Chloe and Ariel in the ocean.  
He was so excited Chloe was paying attention to him.  

It was nice in the shade.  
A surprise visit from cousins Adam and Brianna from Atlanta.  It was great catching up.
Then the pool.  Honey almost went in.  

We took the twins to the Dairy Bar to meet one of their teachers.  

So sweet!
Ariel and Chloe went shopping.  
Then our company left.  
A relaxing night in the tub.  


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