Sunday, September 3, 2023

Ariel’s Tallis From Israel

Happy Labor Day!!!  Can’t believe it’s here already. Last Saturday, Ariel and I visited Amy's parents.  
Then we went for a bike ride.  
It was a hot day so we headed to the beach.  
Eli stared at the ocean like usual.  
We played ball.

Ariel found her cheer friend Priscilla.  
We all huddled in the shade.  It was so hot and sunny.  

Some pretty shots.  

Pool time.

Ariel still teaching us camp card games. 
Ali and Todd are in Israel.  They sent us a picture of the talis that Sam got for his bar mitzvah.  
They bought Ariel this one for hers!  So pretty!

Amy and I went to Sofia's for the second Saturday in a row.  This time with Lori and Bill.  We even sat at the same table and had the same waiter who remembered us!  We had another nice meal.


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