Sunday, September 17, 2023

Triplets Birthday

It's Sunday night.  These weekends are getting harder and harder.  We are ready for school!  

Last Saturday, I was admiring my crazy sneaker collection.  
Then Ariel had a haircut.  

So pretty!
Soccer time!  It was their first game.  It was super hot.  
Some action shots.  
Eli only played a little.  Noah played almost the whole game and did great.  He was in most of the plays.  

After that, Noah just wanted to rest.  I took Eli to a birthday party for triplets at his school.  
Needless to say, it was a huge crowd.  
It was a pool party.  
The parents hung out a had some adult drinks.  
Pinata time!

It started raining!
It was thundering too so we cleared out the pool.  
Everyone squeezed in under cover.  
It's a huge dog!
The thunder stopped so Eli went right back in the pool.  
Then the slide.  

Wow that's a big dog!  That night was quiet.  We had a busy day and were tired.  


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