Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Scary Halloween Store

It's Wednesday night.  We had back to school night at the elementary school.  Third and Sixth grade.  Sixth grade sounds really fun!

Last Tuesday, Noah went to art class and had a great time.  
I drove home with Ariel.  The cabinets started growing up.  The pantry is going to be huge!
All the rest of the cabinets ready to go.  
It's like a jigsaw puzzle.  

I went to the gym.
Ariel was with Amelia at a dog park.

The dogs were cute.  

Then Ariel had cheer practice.  
Then we drove all the way back to the shore.  
Last Wednesday morning, it was raining hard!
I took the twins to Comcast to return our cable boxes.  We cut the cord at the shore finally.  Then we checked out a Halloween store.  
Eli's favorite place.  
I'm going to be Bob Ross.  

The streets were flooded.  
We then went to Target to get school supplies.  

Then we all drove home.  We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on the way.
We got home to our dusty home late.  


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