Thursday, September 7, 2023

Elementary School Open House

It's Thursday night.  We had just had high school back to school night.  It was kind of fun running around the hallways seeing friends.  Some of Aden's teachers were really funny.

Last Thursday, we had elementary school orientation.  
Ariel is so thrilled to have Mr. Murphy.  He seems equally as excited to have Ariel!

The twins are in separate classes.  

This is getting ridiculous.  We need need our kitchen finished so we can get our house organized again.  
Getting there.  

Ariel had cheer that night.  
Back to the shore last Friday.  
We met up with lots of family.  
Hey Quinn!

I took Eli to the Lucy snack bar.  Word on the street was that they were making Junior's donuts.  That was our favorite place near our house that closed two years ago.  
It looked like them.  
The old manager of Junior's son owns the snack bar.  It was a good try but they were not Junior's donuts.  
Eli wanted to play with Lucy the Elephant.  
It was a beautiful day.  
The pool was quiet.  
Ariel and her card games.  
Playing with Steven.
We had barbecue from Atlantic City delivered.  Ymu!

The kids played outside all night.  
Have a great weekend!


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