Friday, December 18, 2009

Ballin' Baby

Yesterday, we had our work holiday party at Dave and Busters. I picked up Aden so he could come. He was bit pretty hard by a kid at school. Poor thing. You could see the teeth marks on his hand. He was holding it the rest of the day. The school won't say who did it. Aden went right to the pool tables and started taking the balls.

Let's go into the party room and get some food!

Grandpa won Aden some great prizes.

Aden was challenging people to basketball!

Uncle Mark came by and we went to Foot Locker to get Aden some new sneakers.

You like those?

Uncle Mark picked out some new LeBron James Nikes! He's going to be a ballin' baby! Aden loves them! In fact, we got home last night and he wouldn't let us take off the sneakers!

This morning, I took him into the kitchen for breakfast, he picked up the sneakers, sat down and put his feet up in the air! He wanted them on! I told him we had to get him out of his pj's first!

I took him to school and Chloe, the girls who talks in full sentences in English and French at 17 months, says "Hi Aden!" Aden walked right past everyone, right up to Chloe and waved in her face. Very cute. She gave Aden a book. I said now say thank you Chloe. Chloe, not Aden, said thank you!

Aden and Mommy are looking forward to their break coming up.

We already have so many plans and so little time!

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