Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Please Touch Part 1

It's already Wednesday. Poor Amy and Melissa are more than halfway through their break.

Monday, Aden was going nuts with the pillows. Video to follow.

It was incredibly cold and windy. The wind chills were in the single digits but we bundled up and drove into the City to meet Edmund, Elaine, Adam and Brianna who just came in rom Atlanta. We hadn't been to the Please Touch Museum yet, we weren't sure if Aden would be old enough to appreciate it.

Should have known. He just took off!

Adam and Brianna couldn't wait to see Aden.

Aden loved the slide.

Do you like the Smurfs like mommy?

Let's go shopping!

Cart's getting full!

We were so happy Aden was enjoying himself.

Playing doctor?

Would you like fries with that Big Mac?

A quick stop for lunch.

Look for part 2 later.

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