Monday, December 21, 2009

Shabbat Boy

Aden is too young to be a real Shabbat boy but he did his best on Friday night. Both our families met at Beth Am for a Hanukkah/Shabbat dinner and service. I didn't take any pictures there. Lots of cute things happened so I will do my best to describe them. First, Aden got dressed up. He needs some nice shoes, but it's sneakers for now.

We got there just as the Abington Fire Department was helping to light the giant Menorah outside. There was quite a crowd. We had our own table and ate lots of latkes, chicken and brisket. Of course, Aden couldn't sit still and had to run around the room. (the same room mommy and daddy were married in!) He found some young kids and followed them around.

We were wondering how Aden would handle an hour long service. It went surprisingly well. Aden apparently had to be in the center of everything so he walked right up to the Bimah with rabbis and cantor. He sat up there with them and when there was music, he would clap. We felt bad that sometimes he would walk around in front of the Bimah looking at everyone and playing with the other kids taking some of the attention away from the service but the rabbis said they loved it. He was showing great spirit! It was a late night for Aden. They had sweets after the service and we didn't get home till after 9.

Saturday morning, the snow had already started when we got up. They still weren't sure how much it would be. Melissa came over and the cooking started. We cooked all day! Melissa and I even made a quick dash to Superfresh in the snow. The outcome of the cooking was mixed.

Aden kept looking out the window, so we figured he wanted to play in the snow. We got him all bundled up, which took considerable effort. I also had to dig out my ski clothes for us.

Ok, here we go!

This was early, before the snow really picked up but it was cold and windy.

Aden smiled for a moment.

Then pouted.

Then said get me out of here! He lasted about 5 minutes.

Back inside to warm up.

Melissa and Aden rocking to some Guitar Hero.

Now let's bake! We tried some cookies and a cake.

We made a mess that we were cleaning well into the night, but it was fun.

A quick shot out the back.

The outcome of all that cooking. The meatballs were the best. Amy actually was in charge of those. The chicken and dumplings I liked, Amy sort of liked and Melissa not so much. The cake was a disaster. I must have left something out as each layer was about 1 inch high! We still iced it up and tried it but no good.

Aden went to bed but as it's been this week, that didn't last long. We hear chants of daddy coming from upstairs so he came back down to hang a little and wait for uncle Mark to come over. They finally closed the beer store close to 9! Even with the snow, they had a decent amount of people come out.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so ambitious with dinner. I think I will stick with the basics from now on.

A quick peak at the snow.

Aden did all he could to avoid going to sleep. First, let's play with daddy's hat.

Then our new sneakers. He didn't go to sleep till almost 10. The snow was still coming down hard when we finally fell asleep.

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