Monday, December 7, 2009

We Are...Penn State!!!

What a weekend. Sorry a little late today. Dealing new computers is time consuming. (mom's not mine). Friday night we brought dinner and Aden over my grandmother's house.

Saturday morning, Amy, Melissa, Mark and I headed off to Penn State after dropping of Aden with Amy's parents. We were going up to celebrate Alex's 21st birthday a few days earlier. About half way there the snow started!

It looked like this pretty quickly.

We got there in 3 hours, not to bad. We were starving so we met Alex at the G-Man.

Melissa and Mark were so happy to be home.

After lunch, we walked around and did some damage at the stores.

I think I might be the only one that could go to Penn State and spend hundreds of dollars on clothes.

The girls made out well. New pocketbook, new jacket.

So pretty in white.

After resting a bit and warming up at the Days Inn, we met Alex and her friends at the Allen Street Grill.

Dinner was fun.

Then the bar hopping started. First up was the Cafe.

Then Pickles.

Then back to the G-Man.

By this point, my memories get a little fuzzy. Let's just say I had some unexpected visits to the bathroom with Mark rooting me on!

Sunday morning, we drove over and picked up Alex passing the frat houses.

Amy's favorite place, the Waffle Shop! Just stay away from the corn pancakes!

Next time I see Penn State might be for Mark's bachelor party this summer.

The trip back was even quicker. 2 hours, 45 minutes. Aden was happy to see us!

That night, Amy and Melissa tried to teach Aden the dreidel song. I think he's got it!

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