Monday, January 4, 2010

Play Date

It's Monday! Back to work and back to school. We were worried about Aden but he seemed fine this morning. I have lots of pics from the weekend, so I will put them out in chunks.

Last Wednesday, Aden tried out his new table and chairs.

He will get a book, climb up on the chair and read. It's really funny.

My cousins Eric and Larry came over with their families for a play date all the way from Boston and Los Angeles.

We got to meet Olivia who was born in August.

Aden had fun with his cousins. At fist, we has a little defensive of his toys, but then he shared nicely.

We think we might skip painting the basement for now. It's great the kids can just run around and bang into the walls and we don't care!

Aden's big cousin Noah is just over 2 and such a big boy already.

Lucas loved playing with Olivia.

My grandmother could not be any happier.

All the boys.

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