Monday, October 5, 2015

Surrounded by Disney

I knew we would be paying for it last night.  Noah got up a couple of times.  Makes for a hard Monday.  Both the older kids are still in dance, which we are happy about.  The babies are really funny.  I should put up some videos.  Tonight I went to a meeting of the PTO finance committee.  The PTO is really an intense group.  It's hard to believe how much money they need from each family to run all the events at the school.  It actually comes out to about $250 a family!  Just to put on the school play costs thousands because we have to pay for the rights.  I thought this new governor was going to give more money to the schools.

These are most of the pics from last week.  Eli is always happiest in the morning.  The exact opposite of mommy!
This was Aden's Hip Hop class.  Ariel is under the bench watching Aden dance.
Ariel gets whatever kids are there waiting and gets into trouble.  You really have to keep an eye on her.
Freeze dance!

Ariel and her friends opened the door to watch.
Good morning boys.

Their favorite activity is taking toys out of the basket.
The Build a Bear are getting really cool!
Then we went to the Disney Store to get the babies their costumes.  
I have really cute pics of them in their costumes.  I don't know if I should wait till Halloween to show everyone.
Eli throwing his bowl.  Does it every time.
We trap them with pillows so we can get ready.
We made our annual trip to Dana and Deans house for Sukkot.  Dana finally got to meet the twins and did not want to let go!
Dean made a zip line.

 We had fun, even though it was rainy and cold.
 Pretty soon we will be able to leave them in the playroom.
 Bear day at school!
 Ariel with her buddies Chloe and Charlie with the big pile of bears behind them.
 Noah and Nathan.
It's sweet when the big kids play with the babies.

 This was the first Juniors doughnut that we took from the freezer.  It was good!
 Mr. Frog was on the driveway.

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