Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Soccer Stars

It's Tuesday night and today was a long day.  Ariel was not herself this morning but we still took her to school.  Her teacher called around 11 saying she had over a 101 fever.  Poor thing was sick all day but was a little better by tonight.  Benjamin next door also went home with a fever.  Hum, we all went out Saturday night.  Aden has a half day tomorrow so Amy will be stuck with all 4 kids!  

 This was last Friday.
My boys.
Saturday morning, we had soccer early.  It was cold too.

 Ariel came with me to wait for her game.  
 Aden likes to mess around with his friends.
 Some action shots.
 Aden always ends up on the ground.

 He was involved in a lot of the plays.

 Waiting his turn to go in.
 I always thought of my car as being big.  It's looks tiny here.
Then we ran across the street to Ariel's game.  She didn't want to take off her sweat shirt.

 Ariel played like half the game.
 She's getting better every week.
 The boys were cheering their big sister on.

 I think Todd misses playing.  He grabs the ball whenever he can.

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