Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meet Mrs. Meryl's Class

It's Tuesday night.  I have a random splinter in my hand and Aden won't go to sleep.  Other than that, everything is great.  Everyone slept through the night last night so we feel pretty good.  Here are some more pics from last week.

Enjoying those swings before it snows.

Soccer practice.

 Ariel was a bear.
 2 more weeks!
Hey buddy.
 He took daddy's glasses and somehow broke them.  Daddy is now wearing his backups which are 2 prescriptions ago.

 Playing with her Shopkins.
 Aden's math homework.
 Aden's friend Jack's dad's reaction.
Gina explains it.
It's hard to tell but Ariel was the line leader.  That's the number 1 job in the 4s!

 Haircut time.

 Dinner for 2.
 Amy's co teacher Todd stopped by.  Neither of them are teaching right now.
 The cousins found each other at school.

 Aden's soccer practice.

 Ariel's teacher sends these books the kids make around.

 I remember this from Aden's time.

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