Monday, October 19, 2015

Wax On, Wax Off

It's Monday night and we are watching the Eagles beating the Giants near halftime.  Aden actually wanted to stay up to watch some of the game so we let him.  Noah was back at the doctor today.  He has croup again but a minor case and they didn't give him any medicine.  Considering they don't go to school, the babies have been sick a lot.  We had a minor win tonight.  Aden said he had a "little" fun at hip hop class.  

Let's finish off last week.  We went to get a sneak peak of where Ariel's party is going to be.  If you remember, this is where Aden had his 4th  birthday party and Spiderman made an appearance.  How was that more than 3 years ago?!?!  Ariel was very excited.
 We had the place to ourselves and the kids went crazy.

 It's a shame that 2 of the 4 are slides.  Ariel hates slides.
 Not Aden though.

 The boys wanted to play too.

 She did go up.
 Ariel wouldn't go down but she sure didn't mind pushing Aden.
 Love this shot.
 Eli loving his Puffs!

 Poor Ariel had a 103 fever for one day, then it was gone.
 Noah rolled across the room to get the pumpkins!
 I hope it doesn't stay so cold out.  The boys just started to love the swings.
 Quick trip to Tanners.
 Sammy and Ariel had their first karate lesson at Action Karate in Newtown.  
Mr. O gave them a private lesson.
 Our fierce warriors.
 He taught them to kick and punch and scream while doing it!

I think they liked it.  
This week they will be in the regular class.
 The boys now will hang out and listen to Ms. Marilyn on the radio!

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