Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Babies and Burghy

It's Wednesday night.  Nothing much to report.  It was such a beautiful warm day.  I think we are getting one more before we are back to the cold.  We have a quiet weekend coming up if anyone wants to do something!

Soccer Saturday morning.  What am I going to put on the blog when soccer is over in 2 weeks?  What is this face Aden is making?
 This kid is huge!  He of course blew right past Aden.

 Look who came to watch.  Brody!
 Ben scored and Aden tackled him.  

 It was absolutely freezing out.  Like in the 40's and windy.  So cold that Amy just stayed home with the babies.  I took Ariel to Aden's game and all she did was complain how cold she was.  I felt bad but I just left Aden to get Ariel to her game.  
 Brody, along with Steve and Judy, beat us there.
 All serious for her game.
 Amy and the babies decided to come after all.

 All bundled up!
Ariel would only play with Amy on the field.
 Or the coach holding her hand.
 Dinner at Melissa and Mark's.  This was funny.  Burghy wanted Aden's pizza and Noah wanted Burghy.
 Aunt Melissa helped with Eli.
 Cute pic.
 My big guy.
 Noah was cuddling with Burghy.

 Listening to the story.
 Give us the dog!

 Love you Uncle mark!
 Are you ready for bed?
 Playing with Eli while Noah was going to bed.
This was around midnight.  Noah missed us and wanted to hang out.

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