Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Hug For Abby

It's Thursday night and it looks like the hurricane isn't coming!  Not that it's going to be a beautiful weekend but at least we shouldn't have to worry about our shore houses floating away.  It took less than a month but Amy already took one of the Junior's doughnuts. She only gave me a tiny bite and it was pretty good.  We might go to synagogue Friday night for pizza in the Sukkah like we have done the last few years.  Anyone want to go?

One morning over the weekend Amy wanted pancakes.
Our big helper. (when she's not whining and not listening)
Eli tried the pancakes!
I took the older kids to Sesame Place.  We did not have season passes this year for the first time in a while.  They were on sale but you had to go in person.  I figured the kids might be more into it next year.  
 It's their 35th anniversary.  I remember when it was built.

 Trick or treating without costumes.  We will have to come back and do it right.
 The lines were long so we only did a few rides.

Aden is on the sings.  Red shirt with his hands in the air.

 Believe it or not, this is Aden trying to keep Ariel away from Abby Cadabby.  All of the sudden she likes characters.

It was a fun quick trip.
Cousin Genny's birthday party in New Jersey.  
When are we bowling already?
It was mostly her school friends.
Genny helped Ariel bowl.

 Aden did pretty well.
 Then it was time for laser tag.
 My little warrior.
 I played too.  I came in 5th and Aden in 6th!  We were a great team!

Of course then we played games.  We still have money on the cards.  We will have to go back!
 Noah is great at moving backwards in this thing.
 Have a great weekend!

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