Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Instant Pictures

Ariel had her late night tonight at camp and had so much fun!  All accept the camp fire, that freaked her out a little.  She will take her marshmallows raw thank you.  

The boys do not let Aden alone!

Aden gave up.
Now what is Eli up to?
Nothing but trouble.
Before we left for the shore, I took a picture of the fridge.  We can never remember if we need milk on the way home.  
My grandmother was down for the first time all season.  We met them at Gilchrist for lunch.
She loves those babies.
Hi there!
Back to the house.
A quick lollipop.  If they are crying, it does the trick!
My parents gave me grandmother an instant camera.  I think she took some great pictures!
In the pool!

Ariel all the sudden loves jumping in.

Riding that wave runner.

We went to Bocca in Ventnor for dinner.

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