Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Millennium Falcon

It's Sunday night and the party next door finally is slowing down. That was some loud music.  We usually aren't around when they have them, this was a first.  Russian karaoke is not that fun for the people listening!  We didn't go to the shore.  We needed a break and the shore probably needed a break from us.  We took it easy for once and didn't do a whole lot.  Let's go back and finish off last weekend.  

Back to the pool on Sunday after the race.  
 Some of the cousins came back.
 Aden finally finished his Millennium Falcon.  That was the biggest Lego he has done yet.  

 Not loving the life jacket.

Where is DaDa?

 We finished off the weekend with creamsicles.  
 The kids playing around at home Sunday night.

 Music class!
 It's a whole different world with the boys running around.

 Eli needs a haircut.
 Nate and Eli rocking out.

 Everything in the mouth!

 Let me out!

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