Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What's Going On In There Ariel?

It's Tuesday night and I somehow got a bad cold so I'm doing this quickly and going to sleep.  Boy, Amy is really loosening up.  Aden was up with us till like 10:30 last night watching the olympics. Tonight, he was next door watching the olympics and just walked in and it's around 10.  

Back to last week.  The boys were playing outside.
 Horsing around.

 Of course they tried to climb the slide.

Ariel made it.
 We just gave up on the toilet paper.  Just easier to wipe it on our sleeves!
 Dorothy was ready for dress up day at camp.  Aden wasn't into it.  He's too cool.
 A second dose of music class.
 Noah was excited.
 Right Noah?
 Eli, what are you eating?
 It's so much more fun now that they can run around.

 Horsey ride.
 The cars were a big hit.

 Gimme that guitar.

 The boys got loose in the garage.

 Play date with Sammy!  They were locked in Ariel's room for a while.

 Ok, I'm taking Sudafed and going to bed!

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