Monday, August 22, 2016

WWE (I still think it should be the WWF)

It's Monday night and it's actually kind of cold out!  Dry cool air, where have you been?  Amy had all 4 kids today plus Aden had 2 friends and Eva came over.  I was safely at work!  We signed Ariel up for gymnastics and swim classes at the NAC.  So it begins again.  This is Aden's week off.  Ariel still has two so we need to come up with some activities and playdates.  

Here are the troublesome two.
 Back to music.  Once class left!  

 Sometimes Noah looks big but usually he looks tiny to me.  

Just some random music class moment.

Aden's friend Maya and her sisters.  

 Eli loves him some Ms. Marilyn.

 The boys have started wrestling with each other.  It's really funny.
 They need cool wrestling names.
 Sleeping Eli.

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