Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Party Bus

These are from last Thursday, December 6.  Eli was being very silly at breakfast.  
We rented booster seats for the week.  They came in handy when we decided to take a taxi to the Butterfly Farm.  Shannon had to take a final on her computer so she stayed behind.  Aden went with the two grandfathers on a submarine ride, so it was Amy and I and the little ones.  
 It wasn't that far.  
The butterflies were everywhere!
 The enclosure was not all that big.  

 The twins weren't sure what to make of it all.  

 Zoom in on this one.  It's wings look like the head of a snake.
 Look at Ariel's pocketbook!
 The boys liked the blue ones the best.
 It was nice but the kids lost interest pretty quickly.
 We passed by this on the way home.  Speaking of passed.  I almost passed out.  I'm totally fascinated with Scientology.  Yes, I'm a bit crazy but it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  I watch all the tv shows and have read all the books about it and how it's starting to unravel.  This is the Freewinds, their yacht.  It's where all the upper courses are taught and it's run by the Sea Org.  I dared Bev to go take a tour but she wouldn't do it.  She probably would have been sucked in.  Maybe they would have taken Noah?
 Back to the pool to meet up with everyone.  Poor Aden.  We forgot to give him Dramamine and he got sooooooo sick on the submarine.  In fact, he was sick the rest of the day and night.  It's sounds like it would have been a cool trip but I would have gotten sick too.  

 The boys got bored of the pool and wanted to wander.  

 We walked through town to have dinner with my parents.
 That night, Amy and I went on a party bus!  It was a 4 hour trip to 4 bars.  
 We went with a bunch of people we knew.
 Here we go!

The first bar.  They gave us squeeze bottles that we could have filled with different drinks at each bar.  

 Limbo time!
 This was the second bar.  There were dollar bills stapled all over the walls that people had signed.  We saw a Philly one!
 This was a cute pic.

Bar three.  This place was playing intense dance music.

 The last bar
 It looks like we were drinking a lot but clearly they were watered down because I barely felt anything.  
 It was fun though!

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