Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Keep on Bouncing

It’s Tuesday night. The rest of the pictures for the week will be a bit out of order as I'm trying to balance the size of the posts.  Ariel was busy feeding her doll Cheerios?!
We took the younger kids to Altitude to jump around a little.  
Ariel brought Mara.
The boys would stay here all day.

It was pretty quiet there.
Guess someone likes it.

Well deserved snack.
Eli is getting very close to those piggy banks!
This was Ariel's birthday morning.  I made her a pillow that has sequins over her face.  She loved it.  
Here's our birthday girl.  She wore that unicorn horn all day.
They were playing outside at school.  It was freezing!
I got all the kids headphones.  They love using them!
And we don't have to listen to their crappy videos anymore!
We went to STEM family night at school.  Aden's teacher as I mentioned is very into science.  She ran this program for the younger kids.  

They made planets.

They looked through microscopes and telescopes.
That'a the teacher on the ground playing with the Sphero robot.
Fun night!

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