Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Chinese Ribs

It's Wednesday night.  It's a bit cooler out which is nice.  There are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  

Wednesday I was determined to make Chinese spare ribs.  I went to the H Mart Chinese grocery in Levittown to get all the spices.  That was a fun place!  It was a lot of ingredients and a lot of work.
 First I browned the ribs.  
 Then I made the marinade from hoisin, star anise and cinnamon among many other things.  
 Uh oh, who is coming over?

 Yes, Eli stayed on the table.  

 The ribs cooked for an hour and a half in the pot.  
 Then they went into the oven to glaze.  
 Everyone seemed to like them.  We went through 2 racks.  
 Then it was roller coaster time.  

 Baby Matthew came to play.  

 That was a fun night!
 This is how I wake up almost every morning.  
 Back to water play after camp.  

 Ariel went to hang at Guilanna's house.  

They had fun.  
 Back home, Eli decided it was time for fireworks.  
He set one up then ran to his room.  You can see him through the open window.  Such a scaredy cat.  

 Maybe next time you will stay outside!

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