Sunday, July 19, 2020

34 Years at Wells Fargo

It's a really hot Sunday night.  It was almost 100 today and it's still 86 at 10 pm.  The ac is cranking and we are reasonably comfortable.  The kids are going to have a few hard days at camp while this heat continues.  Hopefully they can spend a lot of time in the pool.  Last Saturday I took a lot of pics so this about half of them.

I got up early, went for a run, then picked up doughnuts at Juniors.  
 They were having an exercise class on the pier.
 I went to the atm.  That was a nice message.  34 years?
 Beautiful day.  
 Our neighbors Nancy, Joe and the boys came to stay with us and celebrate Aden's birthday.  The came in the morning then we headed to the beach.  
 Sometimes the boys like the ocean sometimes they don't.  It's really hit or miss.  

 Ariel, Eva and Gwen had fun.  

 Aden went deep in the ocean with Joe, Winston and Ben.  I went in a little.  

 They spent a lot of time in the ocean.  Big waves!

 The girls didn't get too far in.  

 Our little space on the beach.  
 You can always keep the boys busy with making holes.  

 Ice cream man!
Enjoy your ice cream girls!  Look for Saturday part 2 tomorrow!

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