Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Playground Is Open!

It's Thursday night and Tropical Storm Fay is on it's way tomorrow!  We probably aren't going to send the kids to camp.  No sense doing that if there is going to be torrential storms all day.  That means they will probably be up late.  Last Thursday I went for an early jog.  What was this line?  To get into the Steve & Cookies farmer's market.  Wow!  It was really hot too.  No way I'm waiting in that line.  
 I got back and the boys were playing in the garage.  

 Eli is obsessed with any water he can find.  

 H eplayed with this thing for hours.  
 Amy would say this about me.  
 Over to my parents.  

 Amy's parents came to swim.  
 This is actually more about me.  Hee Hee.  
 The twins were in good hands with the grandparents so Amy and I and Ariel headed to Sydney's beach.  

 Hanging with the neighbors.  

 Ariel, Syd and Moira.  
 Ariel and Syd with their ice creams.  
 Beautiful day.  
 Ariel went for a walk with me to Wawa.  Lots of people eating outside.  
 We went to check out the playground.  It was finally open!
 No one was there but that didn't stop Ariel from having fun.  

 Our princess.  
 That night, I went with Ariel to Moira's University of Delaware graduation party.  Wow, feels like she just started.  
 The girls fit right in with the 20 year olds!  Have a great weekend!

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