Sunday, July 12, 2020

They Have Returned

It's Sunday night.  We had a nice weekend at the shore.  Tomorrow is Aden's 12th birthday!  He had friends stay with us for the weekend.  I will write up something about Aden later.  

A week ago last Friday, Todd and Ali came to the shore for the first time in 3 years!  They arrived fairly early Friday morning.  
 We headed straight to the beach.  
 It was super hot.  We had to stay by the water.  
 It was crowded.  
 The kids all went in the ocean.  

 We were out there for a while.  
 Back at the house, the kids got even more wet.  

 Todd and I went to Casels to get stuff to barbecue for dinner and then to Jagelkieys for some turtles.  
 I grilled a mean dinner.  We ate outside.  
 Then we went for a walk.  The twins wanted to check out the new water park they were building right near our house.  
 Here's a sneak preview.  The twins loved it!

 We went to the bay to watch the sunset.  
 We ran into Ina and her newish dog.  
 The Lucy Playground as the kids call it.  

 Bedtime.  Nate slept with the twins.  
 Todd read them a story.  
 Then a huge storm came through.  

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