Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pickin’ Strawberries

Sorry. Totally forgot to post today so you get a double Friday!

These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Our sitter Rachel is a high school cheerleader.  She's going to start giving Ariel private lessons.  We really should have started this weeks ago!
 Rachel's first assignment.  Ariel is exhausted just trying to read this.  The stretching is something we should all be doing.  
 It was a hot day!
 Ariel got a new baby doll.  

 I went for a walk with Amy.  We got past the school and the thunder started so we headed back.  

 We met some friends along the way.  
 Wednesday all six of us went strawberry picking at Shady Brook Farm.  
 It was pretty quiet there.  
 We got a nice tractor ride.

 You can pick wildflowers.  
 You can pick blueberries.  
 Or you can pick strawberries.  
 The kids had fun and found some nice ones.  

 Huge field.  
 We gave up when we got this much.  
 That night we went to Ali's to swim and have dinner.  

 We need to get the boys to learn to swim.  

 Ariel and her TikToks.  
 Fun time as always.  

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