Sunday, July 26, 2020

Half a Tooth

It's Sunday night.  We were home for the weekend.  We saw pools and a puppy.  It was also hot again.  I've been dragging lately.  I'm not sure if it's the heat or what but I'm ready for bed so let's get this done!  These are from a week ago Friday.  

Up early with the boys.  We went down Thursday night because we had the boy next door's birthday party on the beach Friday.  The twins love Steven who just turned 5 like them.  
 Steven ran into the house and hid.  His mother had to come get him.  
 Being silly.  
 I took a ride to the point on the scooter.  
 Then we walked to Benson beach for Steven's party.  

 It was warm but cloudy so pretty comfortable.  
 Ariel wasn't with us.  She wanted to go to camp Friday because she didn't want to miss Halloween in July.  Melissa was going to bring her down after camp.  

 The water was nice.  
 Eli had a lot of fun with all the kids.  Noah was annoying.  

 Steven's grandpop help up a chip.  
 There it goes!
 So Aden was swimming at my parent's house.  He was messing around in the pool and banged his mouth on the side breaking 2 teeth!  I did the same thing at his age.  Half my front tooth is fake.  We ran him to a local dentist and they stabilized it.  This week we took him to his dentist and an endodontist.  It's close to the nerve but they don't think he needs a root canal so it will be bonded next week.  I think he thinks it's pretty cool.  He wanted to know if the girls would like it!
 Here comes Melissa and family and Honey and Ariel in Amy's car.
 Eli tried out his new spraying palm tree.  
 Then it was playground time.  
 Ariel arrived!


 Eli had to look at the water park.  
 The boys went to bed.  
 I took Ariel and her friend Eva to Spinklz for free ice cream.  It should be National Ice Cream Day every day!

 I peeked in the window at Tomatoes.  It was so depressing.  It should be packed!
 Back to my neighbor's house we drank bourbon and played guitar.  
 He's great and taught me some moves.  

 I ended up having about 5 or 6 pretty big glasses of 140 proof Booker's bourbon.  Needless to say, I was a mess the next day...

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