Sunday, July 17, 2022

Beautiful Sunset

Hey there.  Here's your Monday post.  Last Saturday, we woke up to rain and picture of Ariel running.  
It wasn't a total washout but it was dark and damp.  I took the twins, with the help of Margot, to the arcade at the old Showboat Casino.  On top of one of the biggest arcades in the country, they added a race track too!
Crazy thing to see in the lobby of a hotel.
I spent a fortune on cards and off they went.  

What to do next.  

We poked out heads outside for a minute.  It was really damp.  
Back inside to eat then check out the pinball machines.  
Then mini golf, also in the lobby.

It was actually a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday.  
More Ariel pics came in.  Notice the tattoo on her head, which had been there at least 6 days when this pic was taken.  

These were the College Day games.  

Not sure about this.  

The boys did some studies and arts and crafts.  
Then we headed to the playground.  
Of course Huggy had to go with us.  
The rain was finally done.  

We had tacos for dinner.  
Then we went to see the sunset.  
It was pretty.
Our boys and Huggy.


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