Tuesday, July 26, 2022

SSDC Visiting Day

It's Tuesday night.  We had a break from the heat!  It was actually chilly today!  Last Monday, we got this pic of Ariel from the camp.  
Then we got this pic of Ariel from our friend that was touring the camp.  
Well overnight camp did not have a visiting day but day camp sure did.  
I went in the morning when the twins were at theater class.  

I ran into Aden.  
Instructional swim.  

Some of the activities around camp.  

Who is that in the boat?  
It's Aden!
New climbing wall.  
Then the boys had nature.  
That's Luke with a snake.  
Noah stayed away from the animals and drew pictures.  
Eli got a little closer but didn't touch.  

Even Ali touched the dragon.  
Is that a slug on Nate?  
Bye boys!
I was with Ali, Amy went another day.  
That night, I got my rollerblades back on.  I have a roller hockey game coming soon and I wanted to practice. I did not do very well.  
I got 2 racks of beef ribs to smoke.  You don't know how excited I am to smoke these.  This is the pinnacle of cooking I think.  
The ribs came packed on dry ice.  I put the dry ice in a bag and this happened!

The twins for scared and ran out of the room.  I poked the bag and the air let out.  Not that exciting.  
Then we put the dry ice in warm water.  
Wow!  Cool!
Adding soap was fun too.  


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