Monday, March 13, 2023

Making Hamantashen

It's a rainy and cold Monday night.  Last Sunday, Amy and I joined the kids at Hebrew School for a Purim play put on by the oldest kids.  Aden tried his best to not be involved but he made an appearance.  

Then it was time for the Purim Carnival.  
This is what the twins do best.  Play games for tickets to get prizes.  
Lots of games to play.  

Aden worked for high school credit.  

Rachel made an appearance.  

After a while, Aden got lazy and sat down.

Aden and Dylan.
Eli working on his trap.
My mom came over to make hamantaschen with us.  
Fun times.  
Meanwhile, I was smoking wings.  
Aden really got into it.  
I didn't get any shots of the finished cookies but they were good!
Right Honey?  

It was a fun Sunday.  


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