Thursday, March 2, 2023

Trivia Night

Happy Friday!  Last Friday, Honey and I got up at 6 to get Aden out the door to school.  
Then we went for a walk.
After school, I cooked some chicken tenders then Ariel helped me decorate my King Cake that I had shipped in from New Orleans.  It's been a few years since I got one of these.  
That night was an adult trivia fundraiser for the elementary school.  Our table really went all out with the food.  
They seemed to like my chicken.
It was a pretty intense game.  
We were mid pack through most of it.  
Some of the topics were really hard.  
The King Cake was a hit.  

We tied for first after 5 rounds!  
So they had a one question playoff.  We had to say how much of the Earth is covered in water.  We said 72%.  They said 66%.  It was 71% so we were over by one and lost!
They winners who won the last 3 years in a row.  
Meanwhile at home, Lanie, Ariel and Honey were having fun.  

I met out some of the people from the trivia night at Johnny Apples.  It was a fun crowd.  

Eli was not very nice to the babysitter and was worried it would affect his plan to go to Gamestop so he left this note outside our door.  "Mom.  I am sorry for being bad with the sitter.  I hope that I can go to Gamestop?"  Funny.  He did get to go.  Have a great weekend!


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