Thursday, March 16, 2023

Holland-Wood Dance

It's Thursday night and Amy and I just played Pickleball for our first time.  I think we did pretty well!  

Last Friday was the daddy daughter dance!  My beautiful date and I got all dolled up!

This was first grade.  
Now 5th grade!
It was a Hollywood theme.  Ariel couldn't wait to walk the red carpet.  
Which she did several times.  


The candy was gone in seconds!
Pizza, pretzels, Munchkins and cookies.  
A long line to get in.  
Time for some fun pics.

The dj played goof music and Ariel actually wanted to dance with me!

It also was not that loud so I could actually talk to the other dads.  

Our star!
Ariel said this was the best dance yet!
Have a great weekend!


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