Sunday, March 5, 2023

Aloha in Reading

It's Sunday night and we had a very busy weekend.  Last weekend was a bit crazy too.  We woke up last Saturday to an extra furry kid in our bed.
Then Honey moved to Ariel's room.  
Ariel and I drove over an hour to Reading, PA.  Not the nicest of cities.  
Ariel had her first cheer competition of the season.  Thankfully I got someone to help with her hair.  I did it last year but this style was a bit more complicated.  
Ariel and Peyton ready to go!

Our super cheerleader.
What's that face Ariel?  
 You couldn't tell she was nervous.  
There's Coach Steve and little Stevie.  Notice they have matching shoes.  
Ariel did her own makeup!
The Airborne Majors!
Tessa ran by.  Ariel had so many friends there.  
Here they go!  I can't show video just yet.  
If you look closely, you will see that Ariel is missing her right shoe.  
When she came down from her first lift, it was still in her base's hand.  Without thinking, she grabbed it and threw it off the floor, which was great because if she had stopped to think about it, it would have thrown off the timing.  

The mostly did great but Faith crashed during the pyramid.  

Love that face!  Fierce!
Ariel held it together after the shoe and Faith incidents and finished strong.  
Where is your shoe?!?
Pep talk by the coaches.  They called out Ariel for doing the right thing with the shoe.  
Judging time, after waiting hours.  

Third Place!
This was written at the bottom of the score sheet.  If you can't read the picture, the judge shouted out the flyer with the one shoe saying her energy never failed and she just turned up her performance.  Very impressive!  Would've loved to have seen that level of energy from all the athletes!  That was so amazing!  So proud of our girl. (who will no longer be allowed to tie her own shoes!)
We drove back and Honey was in the bounce house!

Eli tried to make a Lego city.  
I did some experiments with the kids.  
Then it was a lazy night.  


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