Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Huge Financial Burden on Board

It's Wednesday night.  We had some pretty frost this morning but then it got warm again.  Speaking of warm, last Thursday was off the charts for February!
I saw this sticker driving.  How true it is!
Ariel had cheer.  The doors were open it was so nice.  

Serina has to keep glueing Ariel's legs together for her tumbling.  Her legs are all over the place.  

Getting great with those splits!

Honey came to stay with us.  I got hugs!
For the second time since I've known Amy, we had breakfast for dinner.  

I would do this more often but Amy likes her veggies.  
We worked on another Mark Rober science kit.  

Honey stayed close.  
Remember when Eli was scared of Honey?  Now she's welcome on his bed!
She likes Heather too.  
Good night everyone!


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