Sunday, March 12, 2023

Mark's Party

It's Sunday night and we are watching the Academy Awards.  I actually saw some of the movies so it's more interesting.  We had a busy weekend.  I'm exhausted and ready to pass out!  

Last Saturday, Ariel had cheer.  
Then she had cheer again!  Rachel and Dani were back from Penn State.  Ariel was so funny asking them about college and what they did there.  She's like you guys don't drink, right?  Lol.  

Time to jump!

Love that face.  
Ariel is so flexible these days.  
Time to fly!

The twins worked hard on the leprechaun trap!
Then we did some Playstation VR.  

It's really fun!
That night, we celebrated Mark turning 40 at the Newtown Brewery.
Lot's of fun food.  

Great cake!
Don't we look ready to party!
Ali and Todd were there.  
Even Aden!
Melissa's friends all loved Aden when he was a baby.  They could'nt believe how big he got!
Cake time!

The lovely ladies.  
Even more!
Such a fun night!
We came home to Harper sleeping over.  


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