Friday, February 13, 2009

City Kitchen

It's Friday and it's Aden's 7 month Birthday!!!  Amy already made the sign, so I will take his official birthday pictures tomorrow.  Thursday I met with our Workman's Comp insurance guy who gave us an award for not having any accidents this year! Amy had to go out to Bucks to see her orthodontist so we met up at her parent's house after work.  

Aden would not take his eyes off the dogs.

He wanted to touch them.  It's so cute. We just have to be careful because Chloe will snap if she gets scared.  Sometimes Aden pulls her hair.

Last minute we met Mark and Melissa at City Kitchen.  We were just here a few weeks ago with Jason and Lisa.  It's where Maggios used to be so it's a little jarring to be in there.  They did a nice job fixing it up though.  You can build your own pizza or pasta dish.  I had angel hair, with garlic and oil and spinach, reggiano cheese, roasted peppers and grilled chicken.  It was very good and filling.  Amy had lots of broccoli. That's like all I could see on her dish.  Aden was mellow.

After 6 Aden really starts to wind down.

There are two teeth on the bottom ready to pop out.  You can see them pushing through!  Aden's probably so happy he won't have to eat mush anymore soon!

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