Friday, February 6, 2009

Won Ton Soup?

Thursday night Amy wanted to run to Cherry Hill to hit buybuy Baby but by the time we got our act together it was too late.  Plus the roads in the City were very icy so I didn't want to drive around too much.  

We now strap him down on the changing table because we are afraid he will roll right off.

I guess it's my fault he grabs at the mobiles.  I like to hold him near the mobiles so he can play with them.

We ended up taking a short drive, about 5 blocks, to a local Chinese restaurant.  I really wanted some Vietnamese Pho next door but we decided to give this place a try.  Aden didn't have a nap and thankfully fell asleep in the car.  He didn't even eat his soup.

He did wake up and was mellow.

It was quiet there.  I think because it's supposed to be a nice weekend and our days of living in the City are numbered, we might just stay and walk around and enjoy ourselves.  We will have plenty of time to be in Bucks County.  

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