Sunday, February 8, 2009


Friday, Aden stopped by the house to check on the painting.  It's going slowly.  Once the painting and carpets are done, we will be ready to move in.  Our parents can't wait for that!

We had lunch at the Churchville Inn.  This was Aden's first time in a high chair the right way!  He stayed up pretty well.  We had to put something behind him.  We do have one of those blankets that you put in the chair.  We have to try that.

Saturday morning it was really nice out so we decided to go and shop outside.

Aden wanted to play with Spidey Dog first.

Manayunk is a small City in the City of Philadelphia.  There is shopping and restaurants.  It's a nice place to walk around.  It was Aden's first time.  We ate at Le Bus.  Yummy.

It was crowded as always.  The food is very good there.

Aden, as usual, had his own food.

There are some really cool furniture stores.  Aden liked Linge Roset.  There was a sofa I want.  Aden wants that light, which is actually kid friendly, it's made out of foam!

Aden tried out some of the chairs.

He seemed to fit in this one the best.

Let's see Debbie work this into her design for our house!

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