Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lots O' Latkes

Anyone watching the Hurricane Sandy concert?  It's really good.  The Who just sang "Who the F- are you!"  and it wasn't bleeped out!  Anyway, back to Monday night.  Ariel got her first magazine!  It's a Highlight for babies.  She loved it!  Keeps looking through it.  
 My mom came over to help us make latkes for Aden's school.  Actually we got caught up putting the kids to bed so she made them.  Thanks mom!
 A little snack before bed.  We have sweets pretty much every night.
 Let's open more presents!
 Aden helps Ariel.
 Lots of fun new stuff.
 Ariel was trying on new clothes and grabbed Aden for a hug.  The pictures aren't great because our room is so dark but you get the idea.

 New dresses!
 This was a winning dress on Project Runway!  It's in the Heidi Klum collection.
 Amy went to Aden's class to do a section on Hanukkah.  She brought the latkes, which the kids loved, read a story about Hanukkah and played dreidel with them.

 That's Mrs. Meryl his teacher.

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