Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 6 - Turks & Caicos

I was excited to visit Turks & Caicos.  It's one of the few islands I had not seen before.  We didn't get there until one though so we had a long morning to fill.
 Here is breakfast from Aden's perspective.

 This was one of the head waiters.  He sang at the crew talent show.  Very good.  He also took good care of us at breakfast.

 Back to kid's club for a bit.
 The boys got a little crazy.

 Lunchtime already?
 This is Ethan's mom Danielle.  She is debating having another so we let her borrow Ariel for a while.

 Ok, bikini on!  Let's go!

 We were parked right next to the Carnival Glory.  It was kind of crazy to have these two huge boats right next to each other and right next to the beach.
 Welcome to Grand Turk!

 We hired a taxi to show us around the island.  It's really small, 7 miles by 3 miles and has about 7000 residents.  It got put on the map in 1962 when John Glenn's capsule landed off the coast.

 The town was really small, Amy looked down for a second and missed it.

 We stopped for some local beverages.
 This girl was telling us a story.
 Some fried plantains for the ride.

 These guys were cleaning freshly caught fish.
 Ariel loved those plantains.
 The lighthouse was at the top of the island.

 This is one of the 3 or 4 places Columbus may have landed first.  They say we may never know.

 Wild donkeys were everywhere.
 You are here!
 Back to the beach.

 They had a NASA store!

 Then over to Margaritaville to hang out by their pool.
 It was huge!

 The kids went right in.

 This is my favorite shot of the whole trip.

 Ariel waved to everyone on the Glory as she left.
 I actually can't remember what we did that night.  I don't have any pictures so I guess I was having too much fun!

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