Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Days 1 and 2 on the Ruby Princess

Here we go!  It's early Christmas morning and I'm finally back on my computer after 9 days!  Talk about withdrawal!  We had a great time on the cruise.  The kids were awesome and Maura was a huge help.  The weather was perfect and the food was passable.  The people and crew were friendly.  I'm going to do the posts by day.  Here are day 1 and day 2:

Packing!  We ended up with 8 huge bags!
 On the plane.  The kids were great.

 Chillin' in Ft. Lauderdale.
 The line to get on the boat was huge!
 Our muster station, or mustard station as Amy would say.

 Checking out the room.
 On our way!  This was last Sunday around 4.
 We had 2 cabins for the 5 of us.  Maura and Aden stayed together and Amy the baby and I were together.
 Love the balcony.
 First dinner.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made the trip.

 The first show.  The flight was at 7 so we were up at 4.  We all went to bed after the show.
 The first morning, we were in the Bahamas.  
 The kids hugged and kissed the whole time.  I will show them these pictures in a few years when they are at each other's throats!
 First breakfast.

 Getting ready for the beach.
 We had to take tenders.
 Bye ship!  The Ruby Princess is their newest and nicest boat, until a new one comes out next summer.
 This is Princess Cruises' private island, Princess Cays.
 It was neat seeing the ship.  

 It was a warm, sunny day.  

 They had a nice play area for the kids.

 Aden met Ethan who became his ship buddy.  We also became close with his parents.

 Lunch on the beach.
 Great sand castle Ariel!

 Ok, time to get back on the boat.
 Checking out the pools.
 Watching the Love Boat on the boat.

 Back to the dining room.
 We kept her busy by letting her walk around the table.  A few times we forgot about her and someone came up carrying her back.  She can make a fast get away.

 The Piazza in the middle of the ship.  It's where a lot happened.

 Maura has the kids, time to party!

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