Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Superhero Sleeps Here

It's Thursday night and we are half watching the Eagles during Glee commercials.  Tomorrow is our pollyanna at work.  Very exciting.  This week went fast again.  I'm not going to be able to do the blog next week.  I won't be near a computer but I will start up again the following weekend, be sure to come back!  I'm sure you can all use a break from swim and gym pictures anyway.  

Fun at the doctors office.
 This ball thing is really cool.
 Always making friends.
 Aunt Melissa and Uncle Mark brought over some great Hanukkah gifts.
 What about me?
 She was rolling dice.
 Gym class.

 I guess we have to teach her not to take food from strangers.
 Ha Ha!  You can't come in!
 Standing up!
 Not very steady on the balance beam.
 Finally a chance to try out the cool stuff.
 A trip to Dave and Busters.
 I had to press the gas pedal for him.
 Ariel was challenging everyone.

 That is one giant crane.
 Please get me something cool!

 We didn't win anything.

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